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Live #33, Copan Ruinas, Honduras

04 Feb February 04

#54_honduras_copan_ruinas04/02/2015 Seems like I was one of the first people to ever walk the brand new El Tigre Trek into Corcovado National Park, due to open this Thursday! We saw a lot of animals, including a Coral Snake, and didn’t even had to pay the 15$ entrance fee because of the fact that the trail is not open yet. This is the 2nd part of my Copan Ruinas Update, now actually reporting from the Maya ruins giving the town it’s name. Oh, and you will also see a lot of Scarlet Macaws again 🙂 Have to keep it short though because I got a boat to catch in a few minutes!

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Walking into the Copan Ruins was really nice as you will spend a good half hour to capture all the Scarlet Macaws on Photos and/or Video first. Entering the main square and heading towards the right, I quickly spotted to the first artifacts and sculptures. The site is known for having a lot of those and it actually gives it a special touch after all the other Maya ruins I visited before. The ruins itself in Copan were not as impressive as the ones of Calakmul, Tikal or Becan, but still rank upon my personal top 5 for sure. They also have some tunnels there to explore, however it was charged extra and due to the fact that those tunnels were dug by archaeologists and not the Maya themselves, it did not seem to terribly interesting to me.

After the ruins, I had another nice walk in the nature path just before the exit. It’s basically a big loop that will take you into the thicker forest close to the ruins. I saw a lot of cool trees, including the biggest Ceiba tree that I have seen so far, and a leaf that appeared to be hovering over the ground. No matter how close I was looking, I could not spot the spiderweb or whatever hold the leave up in the air. They also did a good job putting up a few signs every now and then to explain a bit about the Maya culture in this particular area. After saying good bye to the Macaws, I headed back to town and enjoyed a quiet night in the new place on the outskirts of town. Don Moises was nice for the first night, but unfortunately it is also located right next to the main bars in town, making it a bit harder to sleep.


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