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Live #12, Cancun & Tulum, Mexico

04 Dec December 04

#33_mexico1_tulum04/12/2014 I arrived in Xela (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala) to work on my Spanish and can finally do some catching up with my live reports! Cancun was the start of my 11-day long trip through Mexico, checking out various Maya temples and Cenotes.This is the first out of six live updates and I will try to get the rest out as soon as I can, promise! 🙂

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Thanks to my couchsurfer host, I could avoid the Zona Hotelera in Cancún, a long strip of Hotels along the sadly best part of the beach there. Being stuck within hundreds of tourists sounded very scary though, so I gladly skipped the beach knowing that I will have plenty of better beaches along the way anyway. Instead, I could dive in to the local area in downtown and enjoy the pool in my hosts place, which was actually a pretty awesome start to Mexico! Other notable events include searching for a Couchsurfing meeting that never happened, going out for a run in the brutal heat, seeing a car upside down after an accident and having two very interesting cats around.

4,37€ for two colectivo rides and about three hours later, I arrived in Tulum. The place immediately showed that Mexico has more to offer than places like Cancun. A lot of backpackers were around and I met up with two couchsurfers. I experienced my first night sleeping in a hammock and got in touch with a bunch of cute little dog babies. I also rented a bike to check out the area, including the Tulum Maya ruins located at the beach and the Gran Cenote. You can dig the pictures from the ruins now and I will get back to you shortly with the next updates including my first Cenote!


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