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Live #79, Ushuaia Bouldering, Argentina

15 Nov November 15

#100_ushuaia205/04/2015 After my unfinished hike to Cerro del medio, I had one more thing on my wish list down in Argentina’s most southern town of Ushuaia: Go out for some Bouldering! In the end, I was carrying my climbing shoes with me all the time, so I was happy for every opportunity. Luckily, some friends of my Couchsurfing host took me out to some local spots about 30 km east of the town.

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We were leaving Ushuaia in the only possible direction (east), since the road pretty much ends on the western side of the town. It really felt like being at the end of the world! Our 30km ride was really pleasant, passing mountains and a nice viewpoint until we reached our destination Piedra Barco, one of the top spots to do bouldering in the area on a massive boulder that was way to high to even think about topping it out! It had a lot of hard routes but also some easy ones, which even I managed to complete despite my lack of climbing-training and a resulting loss in most of my muscles that I have built up before starting this trip.

We spent about two hours climbing while our blue-eyed husky/rottweiler mix was watching us and then started to walk back to the car. My new friends had something else planned for today and it was one of my favorite activities in Latin America: eating meat! Driving another 60km along Lago Fagnano, we eventually reached a tiny piece of land they owned to have a small BBQ. It is common for the locals to buy a little area as a weekend escape from Ushuaia. We were lucky with the weather and it was still warm enough to enjoy a nice late-lunch in the woods. Sadly, we had no time to prepare a proper Argentinean asado and instead just threw some burgers with cheese on the grill.

All good things must come to an end and I was heading out of Ushuaia in the next morning at 05:00, catching the early bus towards Punta Arenas in Chile after a failed Hitch hiking attempt the day before. The area was just too remote and I only received offers to get a bit further towards the border – no one actually wanted to go all the way to Chile. I booked a Tecni Austral bus towards the border for 208 Pesos but actually had to use another bus in the end, which was pretty confusing but at least I made it to my destination after a few bus changes and ferries along the way to get off Tierra del Fuego. The second bus cost me 450 Pesos and arrived at the San Sebastian border at 10:00. I crossed the Straight of Magallan at 14:00 with another ferry and finally arrived in Punta Arenas at 17:00 in beautiful weather, being picked up by my next Couchsurfing host and eager to start the next adventure in attempting to hike to Cabo Froward. Feel free to google this place up before I will write about my experiences there in the next post 🙂

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