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Live #78, Ushuaia, Argentina

04 Nov November 04

#99_ushuaia103/04/2015 My mind was blown away after 10 amazing days in Antarctica and I returned to Ushuaia just in time for the first fresh snow of the year. The town was surrounded by snow covered peaks and I spent half an hour just looking at them while breathing in the clear crisp air around me. I would spent some days here for a hike before taking the road up north towards one of the bridges that connects the island Tierra del Fuego with the mainland of Argentina.

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Before my departure to the cold continent, I was only able to spend a little bit of time in Ushuaia, regarded as the most southern city in South America. Now I came back to see some more of it and the country side as well. My Couchsurfing host from last time and her cute little kittie were not in town anymore, but I was lucky to find another great host. Once I had a shelter organised, I spent some time walking around in town, desperately trying to find a haircut. All the stores were closed though and I had to postpone my plan to get rid of the now pretty intense bowl of curly hair on my head. At least it would help me to keep warm while I was staring at the unbelievably beautiful snow-covered mountains close to town. Ushuaia itself felt pretty dull, most people decided to stay in their houses and I would do the same soon after, planning my hike to one of the peaks.

Originally, I had planned to hike up to Martial Glacier – pretty much the most famous day trip to do from Ushuaia for it’s  views on Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel. Due to my location a bit further up north in town, I decided to venture into the forest leading to Cerro del Medio instead. There was fresh snow everywhere on the ground and it felt like walking into a magic forest. The trees still had some colourful leaves and winding myself through them fulfilled me with a sense of joy and tranquility. Eventually, I reached a small open spot and could see the sun slowly appearing behind the thick layer of clouds – sadly it was never able to break through them completely.

The ground was now more and more covered in mud and I had to consider the time. It was already getting pretty late now and early really dark as well, so I decided to turn around again and not to proceed through the now more and more appearing mud on the ground. I returned back to my Couchsurfers place with some cool photos and even though I did not make it to the top and was not able to see the panoramic views, I was still happy with the hike. Probably, I wouldn’t have been able to see much anyway due to the worsening weather conditions.

The remaining time in Ushuaia was spent making travel arrangements for the upcoming weeks and just reflect a little bit on all the Impressions of last week in Antarctica. But there was one more thing in my ToDo list here: Go out for some bouldering! Luckily, my Couchsurfer had some friends that go climbing regularly and they took me out one of their trips on my last day. More on that in the next update!

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