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Live #57, Cartagena, Colombia

11 Jun June 11

#77_colombia_catargena22/02/2015 I made it to Vitória in the east of Brazil now after some amazing days in Trindade and Paraty! Heading to Pedra Azul and the Caparaó National Park will be the most off-the-beaten-path experience in this trip so far, even 85% of the Brazilians I asked didn’t know about the two places! This update covers Cartagena in Colombia, probably the most known and beautiful town in the north of the country.

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After years of traveling and visiting countless cities, I developed a kind of boredom against most of them. Sadly Cartagena is just another one of those cities – certainly a very very beautiful one and you could spend easily spent a couple of days there. For my part, however, I could not wait to get out again after a day and head towards Santa Marta, which offers more activities in the nature. I still have to say that I really liked Cartagena, it is really nice there and I had good company, joining up with the Australian couples again whom I met during the cruise through the San Blas Islands.

Cartagena, as Spain’s first colony in America, offers a lot of gorgeous buildings sourrounded by the over 500 years old city wall. I had a good time strolling around but eventually found myself bored, which was not because of the city but because of the fact I mentioned in the beginning of the post. So by no means this should tell you not to go there! I am sure there is much more to do in the town as well, I just didn’t do it 🙂 Luckily I can keep this post short as I have to go now, as usual… haha.


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