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Live #07, Fredericton – Grand Falls – Hitch hike to Quebec City, Canada

28 Oct October 28

#29_fredericton,grandfalls28/10/2014 About a week ago, it was eventually time to leave New Brunswick and head towards Quebec City, hitch hiking all the way from Fredericton with a real nice Russian guy.

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Making the decision to leave Fredericton just after one night was based on the fact that the local climbing gym was closed that day, and I really wanted to go climbing! I packed up and started to walk along the river front of the town, slowly approaching the city center and local Bus Maratime station. The walk was actually surprisingly nice and the city itself worth a visit, much nicer than Moncton for sure 🙂

I walked through Odell Park towards the highway to try my luck with the hitch hiking again. The next departed in 90 minutes, so I would have about an hour to find a ride. Just five minutes waiting later, I already had a trucker stopping for me to give me a lift to Woodstock, about an hour away. After a quick lunch, I walked back to the highway and got picked up by the second car passing me, I could not believe my luck that day!

The guy picking me up was Vladimir from Russia, traveling himself with a rental car all the way from Labrador and on his way to Toronto, another 1240km away by the time I got into the car. He was great company and we had lot’s of topics to talk about, especially since he was traveling in places that I would reach next and he could even set me up with contacts in the remote parts of russia, so I might end up adding those to my Itinerary as well.

We had a quick stop in Grand Falls, which is known for a waterfall in the middle of the city that has an immense power to it. The weather was perfect when we got there and it was certainly worth investing 20 minutes on the way up, really impressive site for an attraction within the city. It was still pretty early that day and I was way ahead of schedule, deciding to skip my stop in Rivière-du-Loup and drive on all the way to Quebec City with Vladimir instead.

Crossing a time zone to Eastern Time and a few hours during an amazing sunset later, we arrived at my Hosts place around 7PM. Turns out he was not there since I arrived a day earlier and due to a slight misunderstanding. Luckily, Anne Sophie had also agreed to host me and was so nice to give Vladimir a chance to sleep there as well. We had some drinks in the city and I tried the famous Poutine, fries with gravy and cheese. Not sure if I will get it again though while staying in Quebec, Montreal and Toronto..


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