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Live #02, East Coast Trail in Newfoundland (Canada)

08 Oct October 08


07/10/2014 Another few days passed and I have now left St John’s, arriving in Pasadena after 6 hours of hitch hiking with an upset trucker. Check the rest of the story!

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St John’s & Signal Hill

On my third day in Newfoundland, my Couchsurfing host Wade took me out to see Signal Hill, which is just on the outskirt of the Harbor in St. John’s and very close to his house. The hike was nice and easy and we had good weather as well. On the way back, we could catch a glimpse on a nearly round rainbow, I hope you can tell in the picture 🙂

East Coast Trail, Sugarloaf Path

Wade had to start working again on Monday, so I was hiking the Sugarloaf Path just north of Quidi Vidi on my own. Nice as he is, he gave me a lift during his lunch break and also picked me up again in the end of the trail after his work. I was extremely lucky with the weather as the clouds and mist made the experience very special. On top of Sugarloaf Mountain, I was actually surrounded by clouds entirely. They faded so quickly though and I was not able to capture the beginning on the camera.

Hitchhike St John’s to Deer Lake

So today it was time to say good bye to Wade, his flatmates and St John’s after one amazing week there. Wade dropped me off in Clarenville and from there I started the hitch hiking up nearly 500km to Deer Lake. The first guy who picked me up after 5 minutes of waiting was on his way to play golf and could bring me at least 25km closer, dropping me at a gas station. From there it took me another 10 minutes until a trucker picked me up with his old amazing Peterbilt truck, something you would certainly not see in Europe! In the end he told me about his private life problems about his now ex wife and he was getting pretty upset while he told me about it, I could understand it though since it was not really nice what happened to him just last night!

Now my next Couchsurfing host picked me up from Deer Lake and I just arrived in Pasadena, leaving to explore the what seems to be amazing Gros Morne National Park tomorrow morning. The weather today was as good as it can get here, sunny with 18° C and the trees are changing their colours for autumn. Did I mention that this place is full of trees? Its supposed to be nice tomorrow as well before the temperature drops to 5° C on Wednesday. Luckily I have a good sleeping bag, so I should be fine wild camping, but let’s see what happens in the next days – I will certainly not have any Internet I think so expect another update from me in about 5 days from now!


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