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Live #01, East Coast Trail in Newfoundland (Canada)

04 Oct October 04

g_around_the_world_2_live02/10/2014 Time for the first update! Welcomed by a great CS host, I hiked two parts of the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland. Check this thread for the first pictures!

The start to my trip really could not have been better. Wade takes good care of me, joined for one of the two below hikes and even let’s me drive his car! He is currently away for the weekend and I am using the alone time to work on my pictures and do some climbing in the local gym here. I have met some cool people there last night and the gym was really tiny compared to the castle in London – good fun nevertheless! I actually like it so much that I have decided to stay a few extra days and skip some places along the road before going up west to the Gros Morne National Park – can’t wait for that! But now, please enjoy some pictures from the two hiking Days along the East Coast Trail!

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Hike to Berry Head Arch

The Berry Head Arch was the main reason for me to hike the East Coast Trail, just look at the pictures and you will see why! At least I have never seen something similar anywhere else. Since Wade joined me with his car, we could actually have the comfort of driving down south to do a day hike instead of hiking all the way. We had a great time walking to the arch and upon arrival decided to set up our tent there. No one else was around because it is out of season now but we still had sun, good temperatures and a pretty amazing wild camping spot just for us. The fire just made the whole experience perfect and we also had some luck to find someone at the end of the trail to give us a ride back to our car.

Hike from Cape Spear

I was doing the hike to the most eastern point of Canada and North America on my own because Wade had to fly to Halifax for the weekend. He gave me a lift to the starting point, the actual cape, and after some exploring I made my way back to St John’s. Being on my own, I used the time to listen to my Spanish MP3s again, hopefully improving it a bit before I hit central america later on! I also used the time to walk in fast pace, actually running at stages. The 16.8km hike took me 3 1/2 hours to finish, not too bad regarding my picture breaks and also two breaks to do some bouldering along some rocks I found on the way, unfortunately I did not bring my climbing shoes. Wade picked me up after the hike and I gave him a lift to the airport with his car and afterwards checked out the local climbing gym for some bouldering.


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