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Around the World – #02 – First Months

15 May May 15

Regions: Everywhere!
Travel time: October 2014 – July 2017

g_around_the_world_25 months ago, I decided to travel around the world from October on and now it’s time to provide some more information. The first flights are booked, most of my possessions sold or stored at my parent’s place and my estimated time on the road doubled to nearly 3 years! Check out this post to read about my first destinations and current status of my preparations.

When I started to do research on the places I would like to see, I quickly realized that just one and a half years would not be enough time. Turning 30 in a few weeks during my trip in Greenland, I still have a few years of traveling in me before I will eventually return back to Germany. The plan until Africa became more concrete and I am currently planning to be on the road for at least 1000 days overall. However, I can very much see myself being stuck in a nice beach house in Australia for instance 🙂

The Route

As you can see on the new map, I will head west first from Europe and booked an awesome flight on September 29th for just 248£ from Dublin to St John’s, the most eastern part of Canada. I will spend a month in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec, enjoying the beautiful landscapes of various National Parks and also hike parts of the East Coast Trail. In the beginning of November, I will then make my way to the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula just after hurricane season before heading to Belize, Guatemala and the rest of Central America. I’m already looking forward to learn how to dive in Honduras!

Further plans include learning to sail in the Caribbean and visiting the Antarctic Peninsula in February. I have not planned this part so far, but want to discover the areas of South America that I have not seen during my last trip, such as Brazil, Argentina and Patagonia in the south. After that, I will cross the Atlantic towards Africa and settle down in Cape Town for about half a year, which also offers me a buffer in case of any delays in the previous stops. This will conclude the first part of my tour and the next one towards Australia will be planned from Cape Town.


The Preparation

Just to give you some insights on what I have done to prepare this trip so far. Obviously, next to doing a ton of research on destinations and good flights (saved £400 alone on the first two flights, which might give you a hint on how I can finance this trip!), there is also a lot of other things to be aware of:

  • Set up a private travel health insurance: Since I will not have a job anymore and therefor no public health insurance, I need to cover this on a private basis and was able to find a good deal with a German insurance company that covers all my medical needs for up to 5 years for less than 100€ per month including a lot of extras such as dental care. (Wow, that turned out to be a long sentence!)

  • Getting my vaccinations up to date: I already got a lot of shots for my recent trips to South America and Africa, but still need to set up a new session to refresh some vaccinations.

  • Getting a new Credit Card: The Cortal Consors Credit Card turns out to be the perfect card for a trip of that scale. It is completely free and allows for both free cash withdrawals and transactions everywhere in the world. All other cards I could find could only offer one of those options without charging a monthly fee.

  • Requesting a new Passport: Even though my current passport is still valid until 2020, it already has a lot of stamps in it and will certainly not be enough for 3 years of traveling. Therefor I will get an additional new 48 page Passport which will set me back around 81€.

I will of course keep you posted and as soon as the big trip starts have weekly video updates on my blog! Until then, I’m looking forward to root for Germany in the Football World Cup and do more planning for my trip! Did I mention that I love to plan? 🙂

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