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Upcoming: Patagonia & Antarctica

31 Dec December 31

Travelling from 11/03/2015 to 22/04/2015


31/12/2014, 5:30AM Six hours of planning and a few rum & coke’s later here in San Pedro Sula, I can now present the next part of my trip. Fast forward in February and after a quick stop in Colombia, I will take a couple of flights to get down to Patagonia & Antarctica! It’s all booked now!! 🙂

As usual, this post aims to see if anyone would like to join me for the next big adventure. In this one, you should not mind the cold and be willing to hike a lot, going down to the most southern parts of our planet. I am in the middle of traveling Central America (see the live updates!) and can finally tell well enough the date of being done here, which enabled me to book the flights to get down to the south of South America!

Due to my delay in Central America, I sadly had to cancel my Sailing adventure in the Caribbean and also the summit of Aconcagua in order to make it down to Ushuaia in time to catch my boat to Antarctica. I will still head to Colombia though and then fly out from Santa Marta to Bogota and from there to El Calafate via Buenos Aires. After a lot of research, I was able to find a great deal for just 550€ for all three flights, directly booked with the airlines!


Please see the detailed plan and check the different destinations on Google, so you can decide if it would be something for you. Note that I could not do all of Patagonia before Antarctica, that’s why I had to split it that way. The part in the Torres del Paine National Park might get a little bit cold, but at least we should have great landscapes during the fall season. Maybe I will be as lucky as in Canada during the start of my trip 🙂

And if you have traveled in those areas before and you can provide some valuable feedback to improve my plan or add missing things, please let me know in the comments as well! I am able to shift things around between the booked flights and tours! PS: Whenever it says “Transfer to XX”, it means ground transport. XX > YY are flights.

10.03.2015TuSouth AmericaArgentinaBuenos Aires > El Calafate
11.03.2015WeSouth AmericaArgentinaEl CalafateTransfer to El Chalten
12.03.2015ThSouth AmericaArgentinaEl ChalténLaguna de los Tres Hike (8 hours roundtrip)
13.03.2015FrSouth AmericaArgentinaEl ChalténLaguna Torre Hike (6 hours roundtrip, could be combined)
14.03.2015SaSouth AmericaArgentinaEl ChalténLago Del Desierto (8 hour with a tour, maybe hitch hike instead?)
15.03.2015SuSouth AmericaArgentinaEl ChalténGet as close as possible to Cerro Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre
16.03.2015MoSouth AmericaArgentinaEl ChalténOptional: do a 9 day hike on the ice cap instead
17.03.2015TuSouth AmericaArgentinaBackup DayBackup Day
18.03.2015WeSouth AmericaArgentinaBackup DayBackup Day
19.03.2015ThSouth AmericaArgentinaEl ChalténTransfer to El Calafate
20.03.2015FrSouth AmericaArgentinaEl CalafateLos Glaciares National Park
21.03.2015SaSouth AmericaArgentinaEl Calafate Perito Moreno Glacier
22.03.2015SuSouth AmericaArgentinaEl CalafateOnelli Glacier
23.03.2015MoSouth AmericaArgentinaBackup DayBackup Day
24.03.2015TuSouth AmericaArgentinaEl Calafate > UshuaiaRLOC (Confirmation Number): MFXMEF
25.03.2015WeAntarcticaAntarcticaUshuaia > AntarcticaBooking Reference: 15557
26.03.2015ThAntarcticaAntarcticaCrossing the Drake Passage
27.03.2015FrAntarcticaAntarcticaCrossing the Drake Passage
28.03.2015SaAntarcticaAntarcticaSouth Shetland Islands & Antarctica
29.03.2015SuAntarcticaAntarcticaSouth Shetland Islands & Antarctica
30.03.2015MoAntarcticaAntarcticaSouth Shetland Islands & Antarctica
31.03.2015TuAntarcticaAntarcticaSouth Shetland Islands & Antarctica
01.04.2015WeAntarcticaAntarcticaCrossing the Drake Passage
02.04.2015ThAntarcticaAntarcticaCrossing the Drake Passage
03.04.2015FrAntarcticaAntarcticaAntarctica > Ushuaia
04.04.2015SaSouth AmericaArgentinaUshuaia
05.04.2015SuSouth AmericaArgentinaUshuaiaTierra del Fuego National Park
06.04.2015MoSouth AmericaArgentinaUshuaiaTierra del Fuego National Park
07.04.2015TuSouth AmericaArgentinaUshuaiaTransfer to Punta Arenas
08.04.2015WeSouth AmericaChilePunta ArenasPenguins at Isla Magdalena y Marta
09.04.2015ThSouth AmericaChilePunta ArenasPenguins at Isla Magdalena y Marta
10.04.2015FrSouth AmericaChilePunta Arenas
11.04.2015SaSouth AmericaChilePunta ArenasTransfer to Puerto Natales
12.04.2015SuSouth AmericaChilePuerto Natales
13.04.2015MoSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTorres del Paine National Park
14.04.2015TuSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTorres del Paine National Park
15.04.2015WeSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTorres del Paine National Park
16.04.2015ThSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTorres del Paine National Park
17.04.2015FrSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTorres del Paine National Park
18.04.2015SaSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTorres del Paine National Park
19.04.2015SuSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTorres del Paine National Park
20.04.2015MoSouth AmericaChilePuerto NatalesTransfer to El Calafate
21.04.2015TuSouth AmericaArgentinaEl Calafate
22.04.2015WeSouth AmericaArgentinaEl Calafate > Buenos Aires

So if any of this seems interesting to you, please let me know if you want to join. Or maybe you even live in the area and would like to meet up for a beer or a jam session. In any case, just write something in the comments here 🙂

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If you are interested in joining me for this trip, please check out the About Me section to get to know me a bit better first. Also head over to my Travel Report or Photography pages to read about my previous trips or see a list of all my Upcoming Trips!

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