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03 Nov November 03

Travelling from 03/11/2014 to End of January, 2015

g_around_the_world_2I wanted to get this out much sooner, but combining traveling with the planning of next stops takes a lot time; especially when we are talking about a total of eight countries! I am flying from Toronto to Cancun tomorrow morning and can now finally present my first set of ideas of what to do in Central America. Check it out if you are interested in joining me for any parts or if you can perhaps give me some advice!

Planning Central America really made me looking forward to leave Canada now after my first month in. It’s been great here and it was also nice to see the first snow two nights ago while I was walking home from a halloween party, but now I am really looking forward to replace my pants with shorts and my sneakers with flip flops after hitting 27°C Cancun tomorrow morning!

This post will give you my very first draft of Central America, including all countries: Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. I will spend roughly three months in these countries and focused on destinations that are well connected to the main highway. Some exceptions are of course included and maybe you even have a location for me that I did not look into yet, please let me know in the comments then. Maybe I missed some stuff, but I also decided to not go to a lot of places since they are a bit too far out of the way and it would only repeat stuff that I will already see like nice beaches, diving spots etc.


Since I am a bit short on time right now, I will not be able to write something about all my planned stops. Instead, I will provide you with the info from my huge Excel planning sheet and you can check the destinations on Google Images to see if you like it. If you are a local and have some advice, please consider that some of the things on the list will be skipped in the end and I allow myself to be flexible, depending on the situation. I just like to have an idea on what I could possibly do in the area and make sure that I connect them all a practical logistical way, without any backtracking for instance.

I am also trying to estimate the time I will spend roughly in each place, including travel times to a next destination. So if you see something showing up twice or more in the list, it might only mean that I plan to stay a day less and the rest is reserved to get to the next destination for instance. The list below is pretty packed and I think in reality I need to skip a few things. If you have traveled or lived in these areas and think that some places deserve a lot more or less time, please let me know 🙂 It will help me to roughly get an idea on when I will hit South America since I have to book a flight from the north down to the South to catch my Ship to Antarctica on March 25th 🙂

Date Country City Activity
03.11.2014 Mexico Toronto > Cancun
04.11.2014 Mexico Cozumel Snorkeling, Mini Sub, Palancar Reef
05.11.2014 Mexico Akumal Snorkeling
06.11.2014 Mexico Tulum Dos Ojos / Gran Cenotes / LabnaHa Cenotes & Eco Park
07.11.2014 Mexico Coba / Ek’ Balam Maya
08.11.2014 Mexico Chichen Itza / Ik Kil Maya / Cenote
09.11.2014 Mexico Mérida
10.11.2014 Mexico Uxmal Maya
11.11.2014 Mexico Becan / Calakmul Maya
12.11.2014 Mexico Bacalar / Chetumal Connection to Belize
13.11.2014 Belize Corozal Town
14.11.2014 Belize San Pedro Town Hol Chan Marine Reserve via Boot
15.11.2014 Belize Belize City Zoo, paddle glovers reef?
16.11.2014 Belize Belize City
17.11.2014 Belize Crooked Tree Tour to Altun Ta
18.11.2014 Belize San Ignacio Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave Tour
19.11.2014 Guatemala Tikal
20.11.2014 Guatemala Nakum/Vaxha?
21.11.2014 Guatemala Flores
22.11.2014 Guatemala Coban Semuc Champey
23.11.2014 Guatemala Guatemala City Sink Hole
24.11.2014 Guatemala Antigua
25.11.2014 Guatemala Antigua Climb Pacaya
26.11.2014 Guatemala Panajachel
27.11.2014 Guatemala Lake Atitlan
28.11.2014 Guatemala Lake Atitlan
29.11.2014 Guatemala Lake Atitlan
30.11.2014 Guatemala Antigua
01.12.2014 ElSalvador Santa Ana Lake Coatepeque
02.12.2014 ElSalvador Santa Ana Climb Santa Ana Volcano
03.12.2014 ElSalvador Juayua Chorros de la Calera
04.12.2014 ElSalvador Juayua El Imposible National Park
05.12.2014 ElSalvador San Salvador Puerta del Diablo
06.12.2014 ElSalvador San Salvador San Salvador Volcano
07.12.2014 ElSalvador Metapan Montecristo Cloud Forest
08.12.2014 Honduras La Entrada Copán Ruinas
09.12.2014 Honduras La Entrada Copán Ruinas
10.12.2014 Honduras San Pedro Sula Cusuco National Park
11.12.2014 Honduras San Pedro Sula Cusuco National Park
12.12.2014 Honduras San Pedro Sula Parque Nacional Jeannette Kawas?? // Fly to Utila
13.12.2014 Honduras Utila Diving
14.12.2014 Honduras Utila Diving
15.12.2014 Honduras Utila Diving
16.12.2014 Honduras Utila Diving
17.12.2014 Honduras Utila Fly to San Pedro Sula
18.12.2014 Honduras Lake Yojoa Pulhapanzak Waterfall
19.12.2014 Honduras Tegucigalpa
20.12.2014 Honduras Tegucigalpa
21.12.2014 Nicaragua Esteli Visit Stone Man Alberto Guiterrez
22.12.2014 Nicaragua Esteli Miraflor Natural Reserve
23.12.2014 Nicaragua León Cerro Negro Volcano boarding , stay at big foot hostel?
24.12.2014 Nicaragua León Hike Telica for Sunset?
25.12.2014 Nicaragua Granada Climb Volcan Mombacho or night climb Masaya
26.12.2014 Nicaragua Granada Lake Nicaragua, Laguna de Apoyo
27.12.2014 Nicaragua Ometepe Island Hiking
28.12.2014 Nicaragua San Juan del Sur Beach – Party
29.12.2014 CostaRica Liberia Get Bus ticket to Panama for customs?
30.12.2014 CostaRica Tamarindo Las Baulas National Marine Park
31.12.2014 CostaRica Monteverde and Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserves, Canopy Tours (December)
01.01.2015 CostaRica San José Trekking in Chirripo National Park
02.01.2015 CostaRica San José Trekking in Chirripo National Park
03.01.2015 CostaRica San José La Paz Waterfall Gardens
04.01.2015 CostaRica Hacienda Barú Hacienda Barú National Wildlife Refuge
05.01.2015 CostaRica Corcovado National Park Corcovado National Park
06.01.2015 CostaRica Corcovado National Park Corcovado National Park
07.01.2015 CostaRica Corcovado National Park Corcovado National Park
08.01.2015 CostaRica Limon Area? 6-8 days in Limon, if I have the spare time, bridge border crossing
09.01.2015 Panama Boquete Mi Jardín Es Su Jardín, Paradise Gardens
10.01.2015 Panama Boquete Sendero Los Quetzales Trail and other hikes
11.01.2015 Panama Boquete Visit Embera Indian Village
12.01.2015 Panama Boquete Climb Volcán Barú
13.01.2015 Panama Boquete Rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo River
14.01.2015 Panama Boquete Bouldering/Climbing and Hot Springs Caldera
15.01.2015 Panama Coiba Island Coiba Island National Park
16.01.2015 Panama Coiba Island Coiba Island National Park
17.01.2015 Panama Panama City Travel day
18.01.2015 Panama Panama City Parque Soberania? Parque Metropolitano in the city
19.01.2015 Panama Panama City Casco Viejo, Panama Viejo, Amador Causeway
20.01.2015 Panama Panama City Panama Canal, Miraflores locks in the morning or afternoon
21.01.2015 Panama San Blas islands 5 day cruise to Cartagena 
22.01.2015 Panama San Blas islands
23.01.2015 Panama San Blas islands
24.01.2015 Panama San Blas islands
25.01.2015 Panama San Blas islands

So if any of this seems interesting to you, please let me know if you want to join. Or maybe you even live in the area and would like to meet up for a beer or a jam session. In any case, just write something in the comments here 🙂

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If you are interested in joining me for this trip, please check out the About Me section to get to know me a bit better first. Also head over to my Travel Report or Photography pages to read about my previous trips or see a list of all my Upcoming Trips!



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