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Travel after Corona

travel after corona

How will we travel after corona? It is safe to say that the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the most dramatic change in nearly everyone’s life with entire countries completely shutting down. At the time of writing on June 15th, Germany and the EU countries are now opening up their borders in between each other again after successfully “flattening the curve” – with no guarantee that it will remain that way. Other countries like Brazil are facing the most difficult periods in their COVID-19 pandemic with high daily death rates. It shows us that the virus is here to stay for a long time and in this post, I want to talk about how future international travel could look like as I am personally waiting for various borders to open.

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My (interactive) Travel Show starts Monday!

travel show cover

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome back to Chris on Tour! It has been a long time since actively updating my travel blog, but with my second full time trip starting in October hopefully, I wanted to get my page back to life. Since I have built up a great audience on my Gaming Twitch channel “towertak3r” in the past year, I will use this platform to host an interactive travel show every Monday at 20:00 CEST! Check out this post for more details 🙂

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