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Live #62, Bogotá & Villa de Leyva, Colombia

11 Jul July 11

#83_colombia_bogotalevya06/03/2015 It’s been my second visit to Colombia’s capital Bogotá and I met up with some friends from my last time over there. We were also headed to Villa de Leyva for a little roadtrip, a beautiful small colonial town about 160km north east of Bogotá.

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Returning to Bogotà was really nice as the city has a lot to offer and I did not have a lot of time two years ago. After breaking my lens during the trip, I would also finally receive a new lens here as a friend’s friend came to visit from Germany and was kind enough to take a new lens and winter jacket along for me! This saved me a lot of hassle and also money as this stuff is just cheaper in Europe. My former Arc’teryx jacket was stolen in Canada all the way back in October last year and ever since leaving Canada, I didn’t really need a jacket. But now with Patagonia and Antarctica up on the horizon, it was time to gear up again 🙂 I could even play some guitar AND football table that evening as well, just a very nice night before heading off to our road trip to Villa de Leyva in the next morning.

Villa de Leyva was something I was not familiar with, but luckily, my friends told me about it and we got a nice group of four people together for a little roadtrip. Arriving there on a perfect sunny – and not too hot – day was great timing to explore the beautiful little town, covered in nice houses along the cobbled streets. We could also do a little hike to the viewpoint (mirador) overlooking the complete town and surroundings, it was not the easiest hike and in combination with the then hot sun around 1PM resulted in a sweaty affair. It was totally worth though, the view was amazing and the even had a little Jesus statue up there. Sadly, my camera would run out of battery and I was not able to take as many pictures as I would have liked to.

Some delicious ice scream at 15:45 marked the end of our visit and we were headed back to the capital. Everyone became pretty tired during the drive back and we just had a few beer in the evening before getting some sleep. I would have to get up pretty early to catch my flight to El Calafate in the South of Argentina, with a stop over in Buenos Aires. I could not wait to finally leave the hot zone and breath in some nice crisp clean air in south of Patagonia during the colder off season there!

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