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Live #54, Pedasí, Panama

23 May May 23

#74_panama_pedasi13/02/2015 After the Chapada dos Guimarães yesterday, it is now finally time to head into the Pantanal for two days! We will drive down the Transpantaneira road in a small Opel Corsa and sleep somewhere in a tent, apparently there are a lot of Jaguars out there so chances are there to see them 🙂 Back in Panama, I was headed down to Pedasí near Las Tablas to celebrate the carnival. Turns out it was not the party I expected it to be!

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Yea well this is quick to tell: While in Panama City, word was that the carnival there is not really that good. Everyone was talking about Las Tablas. So i checked couchsurfing last second and found some hosts, also in another city called Pedasí. Apparently the carnival seemed to be even better there, so the decision was made to stop by in Las Tablas and sleep in Pedasi. While we were in Las Tablas, there was nothing going all at all (should have come in the evening!) and the celebration in Pedasi was rather quiet. It felt more like a family fest than a big party. But in the end, it didn’t really matter. I’m not a carnival type and was just curious about it anyway and had great company and therefor a lot of fun nevertheless! Ah there was a nice beach though which was fun to visit, too bad I can’t kitesurf since it was really windy 🙂


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