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Live #52, Cangilones de Gualaca, Panama

15 May May 15

#72_panama_gangiloses08/02/2015 Arriving in Paraguay during their Independence Day celebration was certainly a good timing! I had a great time checking out the live action downtown while stuffing myself with delicious street food. Now I am heading out to do the Golden Circuit around the Capital Asuncion and luckily this update is a short one, featuring the Cangilones de Gualaca in Panama, a great spot for deep water bouldering!

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I am really short on time, but basically I went out to the Cangilones de Gualaca with two people I met in the hostel before and had a great time bouldering. When we arrived it was super packed with locals going out for a swim and also climbing the cliffs, they were actually really good at that! Us, on the other side, could only do a couple of climbs because we were badly out of shape 🙂 Still great fun! Maybe I will update this post later with some more info, see you for now 🙂


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