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Live #47, Tilarán & Lago de Arenal, Costa Rica

18 Apr April 18

#67_costarica_tilaran26/01/2015 I’m back from six awesome days in Torres del Paine, having sun all way through and just rain on the last day! A lot of great pictures got out of that trip, so I better hurry up with my older live updates to quickly get up to speed again after weeks of internet absence. The second update from Costa Rica covers Tilarán & Lago de Arenal and not much happened there expect for an awesome rainbow 🙂

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Tilarán was a bit of a strange city. It just had a strange vibe for me and I don’t really know why. As far as I was concered, there is not much to do in the town anyway so Alex and I were heading down to the much promising lake, Lago de Arenal. It was a windy, cold and grey day, making the experience a bit less nice than it could have been I guess. We managed to hitch hike up the hill in the back of a pick up truck and took some pictures from the lake. The view was just very dull though; so soon after we were heading back, hitch hiking with a nice Canadian couple. They first passed us but eventually drove backwards to pick us up again, sometimes rain can be helpful for hitch hiking 🙂

The “highlight” presented itself upon our return to town when the sun finally came up and produced a nice double rainbow. After taking plenty of pictures, we took the 12:30 PM bus to Santa Elena & Monteverde for some Canopy/zip-lining action in the Cloud forests there! I promise the next update will be a bit bigger as well 🙂


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