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Live #41, León & Volcan Telica, Nicaragua

01 Mar March 01

#61_nicaragua_telica01/03/2015 I’m about to start a five day trek through the jungle to the Lost City in Colombia and thanks to my tour operator Turcol, I can give you a quick update with their Wifi before I head off into no-wifi-land once more. León in Nicaragua is a beautiful city, but after having seen so many beautiful cities, I could not wait to get out again and hike Volcan Telica, which eventually became one of my personal highlights in Nicaragua! Check out this post to see why.

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I really have to keep the text very short in this update, sorry about this guys!! León is lacking an ocean and therefor a breeze that would make the 35°C heat more bareably. I was rushing through the city to take a few pictures. It is very nice for sure but I had one main priority: Doing the overnight hike of Volcan Telica!

The Hike started early and I was joined by a french couple. They had a good pace as well so we made it to the camp as the first group. After several hours of walking and saying hello to a very nice green snake along the way, we were all in awe when we could see Volcan Telica for the first time. It has a really cool shape and looks majestic, even though it is pretty small!

Since we arrived so early, we had a lot of time to relax at the camp site until around 20 other people eventually arrived. Once the mid day heat passed, we made our way up to the crater to take a peak into it. We were not able to see the lava yet because it was too bright, but just looking down the immense hole was a great sensation. We stayed around for a while and then checked out a nearby bat cave, which was much smaller but actually nicer than the one I visited in Semuc Champey.

I climbed all the way to the top of the volcano rim to see the sun set and could spot some really strange animals over there. The sulfat smell in the air was not really nice and eventually forced me to go down again. We got up early for sun rise and then hiked back the next day. Its been one of my highlights and I can just highly recommend it to anyone going into the area!



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