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Live #37, PANACAM, Honduras

16 Feb February 16

#58_honduras_panacam16/02/2015 After coming back from the carnival in Pedasí, I had a great last night in Panama City yesterday thanks to the company of amazing people. It is 4AM in the morning now and I will be heading towards Carti shortly to start the four day cruise through the San Blas Islands, eventually getting me to Sapzurro in Colombia. Thankfully the next update is a short one, featuring PANACAM Lake Yojoa in Honduras.

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After exploring Lake Yojoa, it just took a quick tuk-tuk ride up the mountains to reach the PANACAM park, short for Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar. You are supposed to see a lot of birds there, however I did not see a single one actually! The trails we were hiking provided some nice sceneries though, including some waterfalls.

If you only have limited time in Honduras and wonder if it would be worth going to PANACAM, I would say you could skip it in case you have other trips into similar parks on your agenda. This update is very short, but I gotta catch my boat to the San Blas Islands now! The next four days will certainly be without Internet, so please be patient with the next update 🙂


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