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Live #30, Juayua, El Salvador

25 Jan January 25

#51_elsalvador_juyaua225/01/2015 I am in Costa Rica now and had an amazing time watching turtles lay their eggs at a bear near Tamarindo last night. Sadly, we didn’t see any babies hatching or a giant leatherback crawling by! Heading towards Monteverde now, I quickly want to get out another update for you guys from Juayua, El Salvador, one of the prettiest village I have encountered so far with a beautiful set of waterfalls just 20 minutes walking away.

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The Ruta de la Flores was not as impressive as people on the Internet said it was but nevertheless, a nice path to enter Juayua for sure. I stayed in Hosteal Meceza and it has been one of the or maybe even THE nicest place I have ever stayed it. The british owner is a great guy and he put so much love and detail into his place, you can spend hours just looking at the different things he placed in his house and garden. The village didn’t feel touristic at all and the people there seemed to be even a bit more friendlier than elsewhere.

A must do activity is hiking the very close by Las Chorros Waterfalls. Just 20 minutes out, you will find yourself in a series of three waterfalls with nice clear and fresh water to swim in. In the upper one, I was even alone for a while before a group of locals arrived. Tourists were nowhere to be seen when I visited this place. A creepy looking guy prevented me to take a swim in the biggest waterfall, constantly looking and me and my camera in a way I was not comfortable leaving it alone. Back at the hostel, I prepared three huge sandwiches, which after just turning away for ten seconds, two of them were instantly consumed by the dog there, so be careful with your food if you should go there too! 🙂


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