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Live #27, Antigua, Guatemala

14 Jan January 14

#47_guatemala_antigua14/01/2015 Today I will try to explore the Somoto Canyon in Nicaragua on my own without a guide and hopefully I will still be able to see some cool views! A lack of time due to my transportation to Esteli is preventing me to join a group that will do the six hour tour later. But for now, I hope you enjoy this quick update from the former Capital of Guatemala: Antigua Guatemala.

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Antigua is the hot spot for most of the tourists, having a reputation of being a safe city. I did not understand why everyone was so afraid of Guatemala City anyway since it is really not that dangerous! Antigua itself has a perfect picturesque location, surrounded by three volcanoes and you are even able to see Volcan Fuego erupting from any of the countless roof tops in the city.

Apart from all the tours to the volcanoes, you can also just hike up the mirador viewpoint close to the city to enjoy a view from there. The view is nice but for sunset it is somehow not optimal as you have a bunch of trees in the way, unless you jump over the little barrier they put up there. I think basically every traveler in Guatemala is heading to Antigua so I can leave this update short as there is really not too much to write about regarding off the beaten path excursions. Off to explore the Somoto Canyon now! 🙂


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