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Live #15, Merida, Dzibilchaltun and Uxmul, Mexico

17 Dec December 17

#34_mexico4_uxmal17/12/2014 Another quick update from Mexico, only two more and I am ready to provide some pictures from Belize 🙂 Together with some Couchsurfers, I visited the Dzibilchaltun & Uxmal Maya ruins close to Merida. Right now I am actually in El Salvador and just came back from climbing yet another volcano here!

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The Dzibilchaltun Maya ruins were not on my list before coming to the Yucatan, but thanks to the advice of the locals I actually made it there and was really happy to do so! The experience I had there was just really different to the other ruins so far and for some reason I liked it a lot. Coming during the vernal equinox, you would be able to see the sun rising through two windows at the same time from the temple of the seven dolls. I did not witness that but just imaging it was cool and reminded me of Indiana Jones movies 🙂 Ah, and the close by Xlakah Cenote was a little bit disappointing. We also came a bit late and I could only swim in there for five minutes, so maybe it is nicer if you can spend more time there!

Uxmal, on the other side, did not live up to my exceptions. The main pyramid is located just next to the entrance and I was missing the feeling of exploration when the main attraction was literally right in front of me at the entrance. The rest of the site was a little bit dull as well, maybe I was slowly getting a bit tired of ruins. I also got my first haircut outside of Europe in Mexico! Ha, what a milestone and a lot of fun it was 🙂



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