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Travel Costs #02 incl. Country Statistics!

I can finally present an update of my Travel Costs breakdown, including all expenses until the end of my trip with nearly 1000 travel days! Based on my original post on how to travel cheaply, my goal was to show how low you can keep your travel costs and I hope these numbers will give you a good insight! Read the rest of this entry »


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Antarctica Lemaire Channel[March 2015] Lemaire Channel at sunrise in Antarctica. – Weekly Pictures


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Wie viel kostet eine Weltreise pro Jahr?

Weltreise Kosten

Eine Weltreise hört sich erst einmal teuer an. Mit diversen Tricks kann man jedoch doch sehr günstig reisen und sich somit den Traum einer Weltreise viel eher erfüllen als erwartet! Dank meiner detaillierten Kostenaufstellung kann ich eine Antwort auf die Frage geben, wie viel eine Weltreise pro Jahr kostet. Trotz teilweise teuren Reisezielen bleibe ich dabei unter 10.000€ pro Jahr und in diesem Post könnt ihr dazu etwas mehr erfahren. Read the rest of this entry »


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“The journey is the destination.” – Confucius


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This is a list of all regions and countries that have somehow made it on my site already. Either through a full length post, a small recap or just a picture. The rest of my visited countries will follow up at some point!


United Kingdom








Antigua & Barbuda
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Saint Lucia
Sint Maarten
Trinidad and Tobago

North America


Central America

Costa Rica
El Salvador

South America


Middle East

United Arab Emirates


If you want more, head over to my Travel Report page for full travel reports, or the Video and Photography pages if you are not in the mood for more boring text.
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Head over to my Travel Report page for full travel reports or the Video and Photography pages for more travel stories.

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Snow capped mountains in Antarctica.[March 2015] Beautiful snow-capped Mountains in  Antarctica. – Weekly Pictures


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Outdoor Jackets Gear Review

Moving on with my travel gear reviews, I will talk about the jackets I am using during my trip. Since I love the mountains and colder areas, I invested a bit more money into proper and very lightweight materials. Those not only keep me completely dry and out of the wind, but also last for a long time and only make up for a tiny portion of my Backpack’s weight. Check out which products I am relying on in this post! Read the rest of this entry »


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Travel Costs #01 incl. Country Statistics!

Travel Costs DetailsHere is a first update from my Travel Costs, including everything until today! Back in my original post about general travel costs and how to travel cheaply, I actually included all the future upcoming flights into the statistics. This has now been fixed and the following stats only count every expense until today and nothing that is booked ahead, reflecting the current daily cost a bit more accurate. I have also added a breakdown of the average costs for all the countries in detail.
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Travel Costs

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” – Anonymous

 German Version German Version

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Travel Costs
How much does it cost to travel the world? [Updated August 2020]

TL;TR answer:

8,451.74 € per year!

Travel Costs


As you might have noticed, I focus this blog on how to travel on a budget. You can read all about it in the How to section, but here it is now time to talk numbers! Being familiar with Microsoft Excel, it was an easy task to create a file that would help me to track all of my expenses in detail. Unfortunately, I haven’t done this from the very beginning. Back in September 2014, I decided to quit my job in London in order to travel full time.

On September 30th, i set foot in St John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and ever since then, I have recorded every single penny I spent on my trip. I would write down any money I spent in a Note file, converting the local currency into Euros. At the end of each day, I just have to transfer the data in my sheet and it does not take much time at all.

It currently sums up to 24.227,69 € during 1047 days actual travel time with an average per day cost of 23,14 €.

704,28€ per month –  8.451,74 € per year
(As of: August 2020)

This figure includes everything*: Transportation, Food, Accommodation, Booked Trips and all the Rest such as buying new batteries or getting a haircut for example. (see Excel)

* I excluded my 9 day trip to Antarctica because it was very expensive and would just irritate the daily average!

travel cost #03


Thanks to Couchsurfing and Hitchhiking, I can keep my costs in the Transportation and Accommodation areas generally low. The more useful figure to compare the costs of different regions is Food, which includes everything I eat and drink and averages out to 7,72€ per day:

around the world travel costs

Keep in mind that I always travel and consume in the same way, but some regions might have more expensive “night outs” than others 😉

 around the world travel costs



#0 – Jan 2017 – 16.591,64 € after 587 days with an average daily of 28,27 €. (859,73 € Month)
#1 – Mar 2017 – 17.098,58 € after 653 days with an average daily of 26,18 €. (796,45 € Month)
#2 – April 201822.031,28 € after 962 days with an average daily of 22,90 €. (696,59 € Month)
#3 – August 2020 – 24.227,69 € after 1047 days with an average daily of 23,14 . (703,85 € Month)


Latest Country Breakdown

Not only do I compare the different regions, but also the different countries. Probably you might be most interested in which country was the cheapest based on my style of traveling. The following statistics include all countries I have spent at least 10 days in since starting the data collection in October 2014. I do have the data from the other countries as well, but decided not to include them. Having a 10 day minimum felt like a good way to tell that the data is fairly accurate.

travel cost #03

around the world travel costs

More updates to come in the future when I am back on the road. 

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Maybe some day I will write a book about this when I am done traveling… I will certainly have enough data 😉
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Live #80, Punta Arenas & Cabo Froward, Chile

#101_capofroward06/04/2015 I left Tierra del Fuego and Argentina towards Punta Arenas in Chile and was once again blessed with a great Couchsurfing host, taking me out for a spontaneous horse ride on her farm just after my arrival. On the next day, I started the four day trek to Capo Froward, which requires an exact timing for the tides because you might be stranded otherwise. Some blogger wrote that you should be a “hardcore trekking, camping, outdoorsy person (or German)” to do this hike. Meeting all requirements, it was a perfect match for me! Read the rest of this entry »


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Live #78, Ushuaia, Argentina

#99_ushuaia103/04/2015 My mind was blown away after 10 amazing days in Antarctica and I returned to Ushuaia just in time for the first fresh snow of the year. The town was surrounded by snow covered peaks and I spent half an hour just looking at them while breathing in the clear crisp air around me. I would spent some days here for a hike before taking the road up north towards one of the bridges that connects the island Tierra del Fuego with the mainland of Argentina. Read the rest of this entry »


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