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Round-the-World Trip Statistics #02

25 Jun June 25

It’s been 270 days or 9 months since I started my trip in Canada and so far I have spent nearly 13.000 €. I will actually take a break from traveling now for a couple of reasons, but have a lot of material left to keep you guys busy for a while – no worries 🙂

A lot of people have asked me how much money I would spend on this trip. It was always hard to answer before I actually started, but now that I was on the road for nine months and thanks to my neat little Excel sheet, I can now provide you with some information!

My total spendings so far add up to 12.758,22 €

This figure includes everything: food, accommodations, booked trips and all the rest like buying new shower gel or paying to get into a climbing gym. Whenever I spend money, I convert the local currency to Euros and add it to my Excel sheet. The biggest part of the above sum was the cruise to Antarctica in March.

More interesting for yourself might be how much I actually spend on the food (including all sorts of drinks too) and accommodations in each country. The following stats will give you an insight on that. Luckily, I was able to Couchsurf every single day in Canada, making the average spendings in North America look a bit low because it just reflects Mexico. It is also interesting that South America matches Central America in terms of average food spendings!

2015.06.25 - Stats 2

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Hope you liked that information, I will continue to gather the data in my lovely Excel sheet, haha.
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  1. Flo

    26th June 2015 at 00:39

    Thanks for sharing and being German about it. Definitely interesting to see that data and I am sure it will help others plan their trips.
    Are you taking a break because it gets tiring after such a long time?

  2. Chris

    26th June 2015 at 17:07

    It gets really tiring if you travel in that kind of speed without a single day of relaxation hehe 🙂 But I had other reasons to take a break.

  3. Syl France

    28th June 2015 at 08:47

    Just watched one of your video for the first time Chris. It was great. I am going to Tanzania on Friday and I will take time to read you from day one! I can see, now, why you spend more money than me when travelling! Is there a way to see the videos full screen or at least a quarter screen? I am not so good with technology! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Chris

    1st July 2015 at 15:10

    Hey! Yes you can watch them on Vimeo directly 🙂 You saw them here in the Video page or just on the right navigation panel? There is a button to make it fullscreen, otherwise you would not be able to see anything I guess, haha 🙂


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