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Around the World – #01 – The Idea

16 Dec December 16

Regions: Everywhere!
Travel time: 2014, September – Beginning of 2016


Traveling has evolved into a passion for me in the past few years and even though I dedicate every single day of holiday from work into it, I am still only able to see tiny bits and pieces of what our planet has to offer. I want to see much more and go to faraway, adventurous and exotic places. This ain’t something I should do as a dad, so it’s time move soon and find a good way to manage the mammoth project! Check out this entry to find out more and share any advice you might have!

I will turn 30 next June and even though I don’t really care about that number in general, it reminds me of the fact that I’m not getting younger and that I need to make a move soon. After all, I’m also very much looking forward to have a family and settle down and as soon as this day comes, I won’t be able to travel as free and independent as I can now – so there is no other logical choice in my eyes.

Saying Good-bye to London and my life here will be very hard as I’m currently enjoying it immensely. However, I still got 259 days left to enjoy it and enough time to prepare my trip starting on Monday, September 1st of 2014. Both my yearly public transportation and climbing pass will expire the day before, so this seems a good time to start 🙂

Before I traveled to South America this summer, I already sold all of my belongings except for my clothes, notebook, camera and guitar. All that’s left to do now is plan the route and make sure my blog gets some more attention from both myself and you, the reader. The first step has been done last night when I created the following extremely detailed route of my trip:

2014-2016 Around the World

I was actually starting to put the major stops into Google Maps, but by the time I reached Asia I realized that this will just be too many of those and I decided to dig out good old MS paint to create the map above. It is just a first Idea and I’m sure many drafts will follow, but I already like the idea to travel the world in an actual kind of circle without wasting any time going in between places.

Now I need to figure out which direction to go in order to not run into any unpleasant rainy seasons etc. and I will start doing research on that soon. If you have any general advice on how to arrange the order of the stops and areas that I should not miss along my route, please let me know by posting it in the comments here.

Thanks a lot and I will keep you updated – this Blog will certainly grow much bigger by the time I actually start traveling without going to my regular work anymore!

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