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South America in 2013!

13 Feb February 13

“Good news, everyone!”

Turns out that I will return to Germany about two months later than planned, as I got the big opportunity to travel South America for 57 days! Take a look inside and help me improve my itinerary. 🙂

You are looking at the first draft of my plan and it’s subject to change, depending on the feedback I will get. I will use an Airpass for cheap flights within the continent and only book the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu in advance.

Flying back from Santiago offers me the chance to visit a friend and a direct flight back to Spain rather than flying via the US. Colombia might be dropped and depends on the flights I can get to get into Bogota/Quito, I’m currently observing all options and looking for the quickest / cheapest flights.

I know it’s packed but I think it’s doable, I skipped a lot already and now have four separate South America trips planned already! 🙂 For this one I will focus on the central west part and I would be very happy for any tips or travel partners who would like to join me for this. I will start booking the flights in about 2-4 weeks!


SOUTH AMERICA 2013 (June 27th to August 25th)
57 Travel Days, the following estimates take travel times into account.

SA2013Click on the map for a bigger version! The pictures are taken from Google Search and are not my own 🙂

[3] Colombia
[1] Bogota – 28.06.2013 first full day
[1] Medellin
[1] Guatape
[18] Ecuador
[2] Quito
[1] Baños de Agua Santa
[3] Quilotoa Loop
[2] Climb Illiniza Norte 5,126m
[2] Climb Cotopaxi 5,897m
[1] Quito
[7] Galapagos Islands
[17] Peru
[2] Cuzco
[2] Sacred Valley of the Incas / Urubamba valley
[5] Machu Picchu
[1] Arequipa
[3] Hike in Colca Canyon (no tour)
[2] Climb El Misti 5,822m or Chachani 6,057m
[2] Puno / Peru  Side of Lake Titicaca
[15] Bolivia
[2] Copacabana / Bolivia Side of Lake Titicaca
[2] La Paz
[1] Yungas Road aka Death Road
[5] Rurrenabaque & Madidi National Park
[5] Salar de Uyuni
[4] Chile
[3] San Pedro de Atacama , Salar de Uyuni Tour will leave us there.
[1] Santiago de Chile

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