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Upcoming: East Canada, Newfoundland & more

12 Aug August 12

Travelling from 30/09/2014 to 02/11/2014

g_around_the_world_2Just about one and a half months from now, I will start my big journey by flying into St John’s in Newfoundland, the most eastern city of Canada. I will do a lot of trekking there before heading over to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, eventually ending in the busy cities of Quebec.

This post is supposed to give you some information on my Canada trip. It will generally be a light trekking tour in combination with a car, since some parts are a bit too remote. So unlike my trip to Greenland, we will not have to carry food and equipment for 11 days without any civilization along the way 😉 There might be some camping involved if I can get a tent, otherwise there are options to stay under a roof as well. I will not bring my outdoor equipment with me apart from boots and clothes, so I am a bit reliant on local Couchsurfers. If you are interested, please continue reading, do a bit of research of the bold words and get in touch with me!

– I will arrive in St John’s, Newfoundland, in the evening of September 29th and stay there for a few days before heading off to hike parts of the East Coast Trail. There are some nice hikes in close distance to the city, such as Signal Hill or the easternmost part of Canada mainland, Cape Spear.

– Going down further South, I would like to hike at least parts of the East Coast Trail. The part that I am looking most forward to is a trek to the Berry Head Arch, an amazing product of our nature. Apart from that, the trek offers some great scenery along the coastline in general.

– If I have a car, I will probably check out Twillingate in the North, known for Icebergs and whales – both of which I will not be able to see in October though. The Terra Nova National Park and Gander are along the way and certainly worth stopping by for a day or so.

– Up in the north, I am expecting one of the highlights of Newfoundland: The Gros Morne National Park. It looks superb and I would like to do a few hikes there, for instance the James Callahan Trail or Western Brook Pond.

– After a quick stop in Corner Brook, I will head down to Port aux Basques in order to catch the ferry to Nova Scotia. The ferry will stop in Sydney (nope, not the big one…) and the closeby Cape Breton Highlands National Park looks amazing as well. I would certainly need a car for the 298km long Cabot Trail though; let’s see if I am able to find some local Couchsurfers for that. Otherwise, I could just spent more time there in addition of hiking the Skyline trail, which is just a 7km loop.

– Halifax, including the Peggys Cove Lighthouse and Lunenburg, are two more possible stops along the way before heading up north to New Brunswick to see the famous Bay of Fundy in action, which once recorded a 16.8 metres tidal range – world record and just hard to believe that the water can rise that much. I have to see it with my own eyes, even if it will just be 5-10 meters in the end 🙂 The close by town of Saint John has a pretty decent Couchsurfing scene, so having some locals around there should be manageable.

– After all the nature, I will eventually head up to the province of Quebec to see Quebec City with it’s amazing Château Frontenac before spending another week in Montreal and Toronto including the Niagara Falls. I already booked a flight from Montreal to Toronto on October 30th and then another one from Toronto down to Cancun, Mexico, on November 3rd.

So if any of this seems interesting to you, please let me know if you want to join. Especially if you are living in the area and could help out with camping gear, a car or maybe have a guitar as well, since I will not be able to bring mine 🙂

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If you are interested in joining me for this trip, please check out the About Me section to get to know me a bit better first. Also head over to my Travel Report or Photography pages to read about my previous trips or see a list of all my Upcoming Trips!



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