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Montenegro Tower – Restaurant & Bar in July 2022!

05 Dec December 05

montenegro tower

Construction updates on these new socials:

>> Instagram Page <<
>> Facebook Page <<

📅 December, 2021 ▶️ My life long dream was to open a Bed and Breakfast, now I have just purchased 2400 square meter of land in a beautiful spot of Montenegro with Sunset views over the Ocean and the mountains right behind my house. The beach is just 1.5km away and I it looks like I will turn this into something bigger than just a B&B 🙂 The plan is to open a Restaurant & Bar with lodging options for up to 50 people in wooden huts below the ruin as well as a pool, sauna, jacuzzi plus even a wine cellar. I have a team to help me with construction and hope that I will be able to open roughly around July 2022.

I couldn’t be happier, especially since old ruins such as these are pretty rare and they will make sure that my place has a very unique charm. With all that space I can be very creative and pretty much do anything that comes into my mind! Stay tuned here for updates. I created a Facebook and Instagram page to both update you on the live construction process from January 2022 and I will also use it to upload some pictures prior with additional infos and details on my plans! My YouTube channel will also feature some full length documentary style videos once we start working on the project!

tower overview


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