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Hello there! 😀

Enter the raffle to win signed gaming merch I have collected during my time as a Pro Gamer: WCG, iFNGs, ACON4, mTw Shirts & more. See below on how to enter.

(click on image to enlarge)

Either gift a subscription in the Twitch chat or become a Patreon supporter to enter the raffle:

Get your name added multiple times by:
1x for each gifted Twitch Sub (4€ for one)
1x for Tier 1 patreon supporter (3€ month)
2x for Tier 2 patreon supporter (6€ month)
4x for Tier 3 patreon supporter (10€ month)

10x for Tier 4 patreon supporter (25€ month)

Important: contact me in Discord so I can add you to the list. I usually don’t have time to do it live on stream but will do it as soon as the stream ended.

Planned day for the next raffle: March 1st



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