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Upcoming: New Zealand

New Zealand… If you have seen the Lord of the Rings, you probably already took a glimpse of the amazing landscapes over there. I seriously just cannot wait to go and explore all the Mountains, Lakes and beautiful valleys! I will have exactly 41 days of hiking and camping to see one the best landscapes on the planet. Check my dates and map in this post and let me know if you want to tag along!
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Outdoor Jackets Gear Review

Moving on with my travel gear reviews, I will talk about the jackets I am using during my trip. Since I love the mountains and colder areas, I invested a bit more money into proper and very lightweight materials. Those not only keep me completely dry and out of the wind, but also last for a long time and only make up for a tiny portion of my Backpack’s weight. Check out which products I am relying on in this post! Read the rest of this entry »

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Upcoming: Australia

I finally make it over to Australia!! With nearly three months to spare, I will focus on the West & East Coast. Melbourne, Tasmania and the Center will have to wait for the next trip. Check out where I am going and let me know if I am missing anything!
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Updated Travel Report Section

Today, I touched down in Brunei’s capital Bandar Seri Begawan and am now only 5 more countries away from my big anniversary of 100 visited countries! Setting up every destination in a chronological list, I have ticked off 95 out of 196 (48,47%) and counted the 193 United Nations countries, Holy See, Palestine as well as Kosovo. With Australia and New Zealand taking up nearly half a year from June onward, my 100th country has to wait until November and will be the Philippines!
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Crux AK70 Backpack & Camping Gear Review

My next travel gear review will cover the essentials such as my Crux AK70 Backpack and Nordisk Pasch tent, as well as the sleeping bag and mattress. Since I cover all climate regions in the world within one trip, I have to be prepared for cold temperature as well and carry the appropriate gear with me constantly. For that reason, I have spent a bit more money in those basic items, making sure they are as light and durable as possible. Check out the review for the details! Read the rest of this entry »

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Travel Costs #01 incl. Country Statistics!

Here is a first update from my Travel Costs, including everything until today! Back in my original post about general travel costs and how to travel cheaply, I actually included all the future upcoming flights into the statistics. This has now been fixed and the following stats only count every expense until today and nothing that is booked ahead, reflecting the current daily cost a bit more accurate. I have also added a breakdown of the average costs for all the countries in detail.
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Sony A6000 Camera & Sony SELP18105G Lens Review

As mentioned in my initial post listing the complete gear I am using during my travels, I will now start reviewing and start with the first and probably most important piece of equipment: The Camera! I have used a Sony A6000 since it was originally released in April 2014 and will tell you why I still carry it around until now despite the fact that it is slowly getting old..  Read the rest of this entry »

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My Travel Gear

Since I started to travel full time around the world in 2014, I have learnt to only pack essential items and would like to offer a view inside my Backpack. I am traveling across all kinds of climate zones, so having light-weight equipment is paramount and I can recommend all the items in the list after using them for years now. It does not mean that those are the best for everyone though, as it really comes down to personal preference. Read the rest of this entry »

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Upcoming: South East Asia

So now it is also time for me to finally visit one of the world’s most visited area:
South East Asia! Even though I am not really looking forward to the tourists masses in some places like Thailand, I did find some really great off-the-beaten-path locations as well and am looking very much forward to this trip now. I am already in Malaysia and will fly into Australia around mid June. Check out this post with my timeline and see if you want to join somewhere along the way!
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Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland – German trip report

When people ask me for the best trip I have done so far, my answer is always the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. It might not have a landscape as spectacular as Patagonia, but due to the fact that we had to walk through waist deep snow, it turned into a challenging adventure that I will never forget. I have written a German trip report for now and will soon start working on the English version and video for my blog as well. So if you can read German, go ahead and check it out! 🙂

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