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Travel Costs #01 incl. Country Statistics!

Here is a first update from my Travel Costs, including everything until today! Back in my original post about general travel costs and how to travel cheaply, I actually included all the future upcoming flights into the statistics. This has now been fixed and the following stats only count every expense until today and nothing that is booked ahead, reflecting the current daily cost a bit more accurate. I have also added a breakdown of the average costs for all the countries in detail.
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How to travel on a Budget and current cost statistics

The most common question I get while traveling full time is: “How are you able to afford this?” This post will hopefully provide you with some answers 🙂 You will also find out which region in the world has been the cheapest so far in terms of Food costs after 587 days of traveling and spending roughly 30€ per day on average. Read the rest of this entry »


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